Richard C. Schalk, A.I.A. believes that there are several key elements of presentation in good restaurant marketing. The important key element would most certainly be quality of food. But, however wonderful your chef, you cannot seat diners who do not come through your door. This is why we think "GOOD DESIGN SELLS FOOD". We know how important the actual presentation of the food on the plate is to a customer. As an architectural firm, it is our opinion that the ambiance, atmosphere, and decor must also be equally as pleasing as your food.

Richard, grew up in the restaurant business. His father and mother were New Mexico restaurant owners for more than thirty years. We feel that this gives our firm a better understanding of your business than most other design firms might have.

We want you to call us when you are considering renovation, addition, another location, or interior redesign. Our initial conference is a courtesy. Let us help you make a plan.

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